No Leveling Required!Your will automatically 3rd Class Lv.150 on first login. Just choose class you want. All Skills will also initialized to max level. Transfer Awakening & Fashion Compound System Fashion and MaskAll fashion set including with stats. Green ArmorsAll armors on Boboko. WeaponAll Green weapons including Vampire and Ancient on Boboku. TransportationWings, Board, Cloud, Bike and Car. Awakening and BlessingYou can this awakening value with donating. Muran WeaponsAll muran weps are droppable on Lord Ankou. Version 18 WeaponAll of these are droppable.
No Leveling Required!1 Transfer Awakening & Fashion Compound System2 Fashion and Mask3 Green Armors4 Weapon5 Transportation6 Awakening and Blessing7 Muran Weapons8 Version 18 Weapon9
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